Time-Poor and Last on the List?

Is the bath the only place, if you’re lucky, you get a few moments to yourself?

As a working mum, my experience of relaxation and the experience of what I need to be well, and feel well, has changed. A bath no longer really cuts it for me!

Years ago, feeling good meant a night out drinking and dancing.  Later, it was a holiday in the sun or dinner out with friends. When I first had a baby, it was sleep (in fact, I would have done pretty much anything for a few hours uninterrupted sleep!). Then, as my child grew, I began to feel that sleep wasn’t what I needed to feel like ‘me’ again; I needed a waking, consciously acquired, deliberate activity that gave me back myself.

I think of this in terms of Qi (life-force/energy); my reservoir of Qi needs to be full to engage with all the aspects of my life. When I run on empty, everything and everyone suffers, not just me. And, this reservoir no longer fills up with a simple lie-in; it requires active engagement with something which is for me, and me alone.

Most women spend their life using their Qi for things other than themselves; they work, shop, cook, tidy, care for children, and do their best to maintain a good relationship with their partners. In this busy day and age, I have found from personal experience that sometimes the best thing to do is schedule-in caring for yourself, in the same way you would schedule anything else that was important to you, to make sure it was done.

My clients often ask me if I have acupuncture – and I do. In fact, its always been a point of pride to me that I will never ask a client to make a change, or carry out an action, that I do not regularly undertake myself. I see my acupuncturist, I take my revolting herbs (and yes, they taste like swap juice, even if their effects are amazing!), I have the occasional massage, I eat Riverford fruit and veg and I exercise as often as I can. The cornerstone of my health though, is Chinese Medicine.

I’ve been asking questions of my friends, my Facebook groups, and my colleagues at WIBN. I wanted to know what they needed from a treatment to feel that their reservoir was full.

Here’s what was brilliant; there were amazing commonalities to their thoughts!


I believe all clients deserve to feel that:

  • Their practitioner is listening to them and caring just for them; their practitioner is totally present and engaged with their experience.
  • Their practitioner has a plan for their health goals, and works in partnership with them to get where they need to go.
  • The time they have managed to carve out is not only valuable to them, but to the practitioner with whom they are sharing this time and spending their money.
  • The treatment does not just make them feel good when they are in the session; lasting, meaningful and tracked improvement is paramount.

My practice is a woman’s practice. Increasingly, clients whom I have helped in years gone by with having children, or sorting out Gynae issues, are coming back to me for help with changing their life again in a different way.  In only a few weeks, we can right any metabolic or hormonal imbalances that have arisen, with one session put a whole week to rights emotionally-speaking, and with a session every so often once they are feeling good again, keep their reservoir topped up to the brim.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say: “I just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ for giving me this specific treatment today. I’m always impressed how powerful and effective acupuncture can be. I felt so much better afterwards, bit more hungry and my digestion was so much better/faster. The food I had for lunch was not sitting in my stomach for too long compared with the last few days. So, I think it really worked!”

  • Are you running on empty?
  • Never have enough time?
  • Need someone to look after you for a change?

That’s where I step in.

With weekend and evening appointments now available, take the time to partner with me and make a plan for effective treatment that doesn’t need to go on forever to get you results.

Remember: when you are feeling good, everyone around you benefits too!

If you have any questions about what I can to do help, just shoot me an email or to book an appointment give this number a call: 0345 310 53 54.

Be well,





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