Spring is Here…

I’m writing my next post at the moment on the subject of Breakfast, but in the meantime…..here’s a little burst of sunshine for you as I do believe Spring is here!


These little beauties are called Marmande tomatoes, and the perfect way to serve them is when they are still slightly green, with a great quality olive oil such as Masia El Altet and a good sprinkle of sea salt. There’s no better appetiser for a Spring meal.  I keep two different olive oils; one for cooking (although I do use coconut oil a lot as it retains its nutrients at a higher heat than olive oil without adding a coconut flavour) and one for eating. Its worth noting that extra virgin olive oil is better to eat, while virgin is better to cook with.

My husband and I first discovered this olive oil on an idyllic four day break a few years ago to the eponymous Casa La Siesta – and let me tell you that four days there was like a two week break elsewhere – so much so that I’m kind of scared to go back again in case it isn’t as perfect as I remember!  I’ve since sent lots of clients there though, and they all report great things.  The staff cook each meal from scratch and serve it in their beautiful courtyard.

Casa La Siesta Courtyard Casa La Siesta Breakfast

You can sit on huge padded loungers by the salt water pool while the drinks are free of charge throughout your stay.  Each evening they decorate the property with hundreds of romantic tea lights, and you sleep soundly in rooms with floor to ceiling shutters which can be left open, or closed and heated/cooled with their internal system.  I should probably say that nothing on this or any other Blog I write is anything other than my independent, unpaid opinion, as I’m aware I’m giving a bit of a plug to the folks at this hotel.  But, when it is deserved, it is deserved, and this place is a real find.

Casa La Sista Front View

So, I wish you all Happy Spring 2014 and I hope you will tune in for my next Blog full of information,tips, recipes and suggestions, which I intend to post early next week.


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