Quilting from Finland

Quilt 3During the summer months, I can never quite get my bedding right.  A sheet is too cold, a duvet too hot, a blanket too heavy and the ideal option, a quilt, has for years proven to be impossible to find in the combination of colours and weight that I wanted.

So, this is where I’d like to introduce you all to Irina Malyukova.  She is an Artist, with a capital A.  She lives in Finland and works specifically with gorgeousMarimekko fabrics.

Quilt 4Irina and I exchanged probably a hundred emails as she patiently worked with me to find exactly the right combination for my summer quilt as I wanted a more subdued palette than she was currently displaying on her site. Her English is impeccable, and she makes all kinds of other beautiful, and amazingly reasonably priced home furnishings from hand embroidery, make up bags, and pillows to tote bags.

I’d encourage you to visit her shop, Nordic Crafter, and browse even if only for a bit of bright colour and eye candy as these dull winter days encroach.

Quilt 1I’m a big fan of working mums (being one myself!) and like to do what I can to support creative, individual work.

So, happy shopping everyone….let me know what you buy!

Sleep well,

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