Naava on the Fertility Rewire Podcast

Ever wondered about my approach to supporting fertility?

Want to know the difference between a Fertility Support Trained specialist and an acupuncturist who has completed their basic training and has an interest in fertility? Or who has purchased a ‘Affiliated’ title, trading on the brand of another practitioner?

Fertility Support Trained logoKat Stevens and I talk over why acupuncture works from a Western medical point of view, how this understanding influences our diagnosis and treatment from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, and the importance of taking three months to prepare your mind and body for the best chance of easy conception and healthy babies.

We talk all about male factor infertility, and the epigenetic implications of ICSI, about fertility in women over 38 and about complex fertility cases which are our speciality.

Only practitioners who have been through my extensive training to gain an Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture and who continue to commit themselves to their professional development are able to use my Fertility Support Trained logo. You can see a full list of practitioners across the UK and in other countries on this page.

If you’d like to go on my waiting list, then please call the office on: 0345 310 53 54.


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