Miss Rona says NO. A story about fertility treatment in the time of COVID-19.

So, you wanted a baby but you might need a little help?

It does kind of seem like the Corona Virus (AKA Miss Rona as she’s known colloquially in the USA) may have other ideas.

This blog is for you if:

  • You’ve been told you need a little help to conceive
  • You were just about to go through egg collection when it was cancelled
  • Your IUI or IVF cycle was just about to start
  • You were due for a scan or operation to do with your diagnosed condition
  • You are feeling upset, depressed, frustrated or depressed about your prospects of having a baby.

One of the most common things I’ve been hearing is that this enforced lockdown is a disaster for ART treatment – and on one level it certainly is. If you’ve walked your way up the mountain of infertility to the point that a solution is on the horizon, only to have this solution removed, it can feel catastrophic. However, as a specialist Fertility Acupuncturist, I have a different perspective to share which I hope might alleviate this sense of despair.

In our normal lives, we experience ‘busyness’ as a virtue. Between commuting, work, trying to exercise and eat well, fitting in time for relationships (whether family, friends or partner) there is precious little time left over. Anything we do for ourselves to have fun is often left by the wayside, and life can feel like a hard slog which is only alleviated by watching TV to escape.

Now, we cannot be busy in that same way. We are forced to slow down. To work only as much as we can from a mental health point of view, or if you’ve already got a child needing to be home-schooled, from the point of view of necessity.

In my opinion, the secret to good fertility is not just being of a young age, or having good genetics, or expensive treatment – although all these can help – but self-care. Time to not work all the time. To think about our priorities, who we are, who we want to be, how we want to live, what we want to do and even how we want to parent. And, to upskill ourselves in all these things.

When I teach my Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture, I explain to my colleagues that in fertility work, all good things come in groups of three. It takes at least three cycles (however long they are) to make a concrete change in the body. To positively affect the internal environment in which eggs are recruited and matured to the point of ovulation. To ensure that how you start is different to how you finish. So, if we have at least three months of lockdown, that is three months in which you have the opportunity to:

  • Eat well (food image courtesy of the wonderful Purple Carrot Nutrition)
  • To take your supplements
  • To work on your connection and communication with your partner and community
  • To exercise
  • To take the time to work on and clear old demons which may be holding you back
  • To do the personal development work which will allow you to know yourself better, build resilience and deepen your connection to yourself
  • To learn what it means to be relaxed

All of these actions perform crucial functions for your fertility (and for additional reading on stress please click here to read my blog) centered around cortisol, adrenalin and hormonal regulation, and anything you can do to aid this will in turn only serve you from a fertility point of view.

I can be there to support this journey – even if it is virtually rather than in person. Have a look at what some of my clients who have only had virtual support from me (which has included herbal medicine):

“Thank you so much, it’s down in no small part to you and your brilliant advice, guidance and tailored herbs and I will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to consult with you.” – Sarah H

“I want to share with you something miraculous: first, since I’ve started taking the phase one herbs, I feel AMAZING! I’ve never felt better in my life. Seriously. I feel like superwoman (or maybe just normal healthy woman, but it’s super to me)! And, in my first round of bloodwork, the ANA was *not significant* (<40 was the reading) for the first time in over a decade! I think my first high was around 2006-07 and it just kept climbing, until now. I’m in absolute awe! More to come, but was so excited and happy that I just had to share!” – Lauren A

The take away from this blog? Keep the hope going, keep the positivity alive, and know that all the work you do in this time will massively advantage your chances of conception, both naturally and with ART. The healthier you are, the easier this all is – and that goes for men as well as women!

Get in touch with me for more information or to be added to my waiting list.

If you’re in a rush, why don’t you see one of my colleagues who have trained with me? If they’ve got this logo, then you know you’re in safe hands.

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Be healthy, be well, be proactive.


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