I’m a Miscarriage Specialist. Why is my approach so effective?

I’m a Miscarriage Specialist.

Why is my approach so effective?

How does investing into my own learning and knowledge improve client results?

I invite you to listen to me chat to Alexia Leachmann from Fear Free Childbirth and find out:

  • Why what I do is so different.
  • What it feels like to work with a practitioner who is committed to seeing results, and who cares deeply about the clients who come to see her.
  • What it is about my approach that empowers my clients.
  • How the knowledge I have improves my client’s ability to conceive and stay pregnant.
  • Why spending time in my clinic is an exercise in self-care.
  • Why I was invited to the TCM Kongress in Germany this year as an expert, to speak about Recurrent Miscarriage.

Click here to listen, and take a step toward taking control of your own reproductive story.

To book an appointment for an initial consultation, please call: 0345 301 53 54.*

*Please note at the time of writing there is a 4 week waiting list.



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