Story 37

At the age of 38 and After having 4 failed attempts at IVF I decided I needed to take a different route to try and get pregnant and that’s when I found Naava.

After our first consultation my partner was not so sure but I was excited as I had a good feeling about the treatment.

Naava overhauled my diet and made me crank up my exercise which was great as it gave me something else to focus on instead of focusing on getting pregnant. Yes the herbs are a desired taste, but you do get used to them.

All through my treatment Naava was fantastic, I really looked forward to my day out to London to see her, coming from Staffordshire it was a long journey but I was always in good spirits once I’d had my acupuncture and a good chat with Naava, she was always so positive and made me feel that one way or another I’d have my longed for baby. And I can honestly say I never once doubted her, why should I she had a better success rate than any IVF clinic.

And that positive pregnancy test came at the end of the 8th month. Well I could hardly believe it.  I didn’t have the most enjoyable pregnancy but at every step of the way I’d got Naava to put me at ease, even in labour I’d emailed her. If I’d of lived nearer I would of loved to have her as my Doula.

Willow was born 8 weeks early in april 2010, but in perfectly good health.

I owe so much to Naava as she made all this possible, all I can do to repay her is to let people like myself who was desperate for a family, is to let them know that there is a way, and that way is a lady called Naava.

Positive, professional, truly amazing! Naava really does know what she is on about! And our daughter Willow is proof of that.