Story 33

We found Naava through word of mouth, and decided to choose her as we anticipated having the birth induced (due to gestational diabetes) an so wanted expert help to facilitate our wishes being articulated and followed whenever possible. Telephone discussions with Naava before the birth gave us the confidence to negotiate with the hospital regarding our planned induction date, and in the end we were able to avoid artificial induction totally.

Naava helped me get out of the house and to hospital before the baby arrived, and was of immense practical help fetching stuff, reassuring me, and keeping me informed. She also managed to establish for our benefit what was really necessary by talking to the hospital staff. She gave me lots of reassurance and kept me informed while the baby was being examined.

I would also recommend having a Doula to husbands – very reassuring and helpful for them to have someone ‘on their side.’ Naava also encouraged my husband to keep up reading our Hypnobirthing® scripts which really helped pain management – without her support, he would have been too embarrassed.”

Mrs MJ