Story 32

I wanted to have personal support by a person I trusted during labour, and wanted the reassurance and advice of a person who knows about births. Naava gave me some useful information, and gave me the opportunity to ask questions about labour and birth. She gave me the reassurance that I wouldn’t be on my own during labour, and that she would help me to cope with any situation. In the days before labour, when I had to stay in hospital due to broken membranes, Naava was available for any questions, advised me about the procedures and arrived each time I thought labour was going to start.

Naava was brilliant during the labour and birth and I am not sure how I would have managed without her! The hospital was overcrowded and understaffed, so that I was left totally on my own. From the moment Naava arrived, she helped me to concentrate on my breathing and made contractions much more bearable. She supported myself and my husband morally, and helped us considerably in negotiations with the hospital staff (without her I might have given birth on the day ward). Furthermore, she eased some symptoms away with acupuncture and massage. Each time I thought I could not continue any more, she encouraged me and made me think that I did very well. She stayed with us after the birth until we were comfortable enough to be on our own, and she gave me some advice on breastfeeding.

Many thanks Naava, you did a brilliant job!”