Story 31

We decided to have Naava there for physical and emotional support, to help both my husband and myself with our degree of comfort during the labour process. Also, for help in managing/communicating with the hospital to ensure our wishes during labour were considered and met. As well, to reduce the likelihood of episiotomy, c-section, tearing and unnecessary interventions. Naava gave us both peace of mind that we would have her experience and expertise with us during the labour.

Naava’s knowledge of acupuncture was extremely useful. We used acupuncture to stimulate contractions, ease nausea and sickness, help to remain calm and reduce ‘shakes and chills’ from the epidural [we had to have due to there being meconium which meant the baby had to be induced]. Naava’s use of Hypnobirthing® techniques was also very effective in keeping me calm, focused and internally engaged even while hospital staff came and went and at times crowded the room.

Naava also explained the choices and options that we had during the labour, so we felt better informed. She helped communicate with hospital staff so that our needs were met, and while several hospital staff seemed to have their own agenda’s, Naava was always solely on our side – and helped to present our wishes/perspective to them. She was also our one continual presence; hospital staff midwives changed shift three times.

She was very positive and supportive about labour and how everything went. She also took photos for us!

Mrs AS-C