Story 29

HG had not been ovulating properly for about 8 months and at the time a friend of hers was being treated by Naava whilst she underwent IVF. HG’s friend recommended HG see Naava:

“I had never had acupuncture before but decided to give it a try. Naava told me that she may need up to three months to get me ovulating but I was pregnant within four weeks of commencing treatment!”

HG returned to see Naava two days before her due date:

“Naava treated me and said that I wouldn’t feel anything for a couple of days but that then something might happen. Two days later MG was born on his due date and the delivery couldn’t have been any more different from that of my first baby.”

HG had not expected the baby to arrive and had arranged to go out for lunch and then to friends in the evening. At about midday she had a slight ‘twinge’ but unaware that she was in labour, HG went about her day as usual:

“At about 6.30pm I was sitting in my friend’s garden reading and watching the kids playing. When I had to stand up for a contraction at about seven o’clock and showed signs of slight discomfort I was persuaded to go and get checked out at the hospital so that I could be back for dinner. I was convinced that I wasn’t really in labour.”

MG was born at 9.50pm after a very relaxed labour requiring only gas and air for pain relief. HG was amazed when the midwife told her to push:

“When the nurse came in with the cot for the baby we thought she was being a bit over-organised, but then five minutes later MG was born. I didn’t tear at all – it was miraculous. I experienced no pain at all after the labour, I just felt normal.”

“When I first went to see Naava she explained that it was common for mothers who had my low energy and Kidney Yin Deficiency to give birth to children who dribble excessively, are extremely hot and can’t sleep or won’t settle themselves. My first child had displayed all of these characteristics and even now can be up three times a night. I asked Naava if taking the herbs during the first 12 weeks would help the baby and she said it would. MG has slept through the night every night since he was 10 weeks old. Sometimes I even have to wake him up in the morning.”