Story 26

Naava is fantastic. She completely understood where I was coming from. She was always very honest with me and only ever worked in my best interests the whole way through. Had we not been in a situation where we had to have IVF, I feel confident that she would have succeeded in helping me to conceive naturally.

She got me in the best possible state for conception and it was the combination of her treatment and my healthier lifestyle that resulted in it working so successfully. Although my husband was slightly sceptical (when we first started treatment) the proof was in the pudding – he saw my cycles become more regular, watched my temperature chart change and couldn’t fail to be amazed. Everyone said how healthy I looked. Ultimately, Naava got me in working order so that the IVF would be successful. Everyone really wanted it to work so much and all the way through treatment, we knew Naava was just as determined to make it work. She really couldn’t have done more.