Story 24

I started my treatment with Naava in June 2007 and was fortunate to fall pregnant in the December and have recently given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

I had been trying to fall pregnant for almost 3 years when in April 2007 my husband read an article promoting the benefits of acupuncture treatment for women with fertility problems. I had an irregular cycle and so it was very difficult for me to identify my most fertile time of the month. After many tests and visits to my GP and local hospital, I was reassured that I had no identifiable fertility problem and I was advised to consider IVF as I was 35 years old.

After much deliberation, I decided to give the acupuncture a go. I have never used any alternative medicine and although I desperately wanted the treatment to work, upon reflection I embarked on the programme with trepidation and a little scepticism.

During my treatment I went through many emotions, but by the time I started the treatment I was desperate and I wanted quick results. I was disappointed to learn that the treatment would take at least 4 months, and during the initial 3 we were advised not to try to conceive.

Fortunately after the first treatment with Naava I saw a result – my cycle length immediately reduced. This gave me hope and I focused completely on the treatment. I was meticulous about taking my temperature, drinking my herbs and did everything I could to lead a healthy lifestyle. I was 100% committed to the programme and I needed it to work. I felt as though this was my last chance. The strain of trying to start a family was also taking its toll on my relationship with my husband, and we were both feeling very low.

The treatment gave us hope and in the next month there was another reduction in my cycle which gave us another well needed boost. However after 3 months there was a set back and my longer cycle length returned. I was devastated, and questioned the benefits of the treatment, however after re assurance and encouragement from Naava and my husband I continued with the treatment and the next month my cycle length shortened.

In October I was elated when Naava advised me that the time had come for me to stop the acupuncture and to resume trying to conceive naturally. That first month my period was late and I thought I was pregnant, but it was a false alarm. This was a major setback and I felt very low after this. Christmas was also looming and I was still not pregnant. I decided to see a consultant to discuss IVF treatment and was about to embark upon a course before Christmas when Naava persuaded me to postpone this to the new year. Luckily, I did.

Looking back I cannot believe how impatient I was. This is a success story as I fell pregnant within 7 months of treatment, but I now realise it could have taken a lot longer and I needed to relax and have faith in the treatment. Its a long road trying to conceive if you have any fertility problems, but with the right treatment and support you can achieve the results you want.