Story 20

I had two fairly early miscarriages and had been trying to get pregnant again for about a year when a friend, who is herself an acupuncturist, recommended that I see Naava. I was sceptical as I had not previously had any experience of alternative therapies and I did not see how it could help me. However, I was keen to give it a go as I wanted to avoid medical intervention if at all possible. By the time that I first saw Naava I was getting very worried as although I had twice been pregnant, I seemed not to be able to conceive again and I was anxious that even if I did, I might have another miscarriage.

I was not at all sure what to expect so I think it is fair to say that I had no real preconceptions of what was going to happen. I found out that Naava takes a full history of your medical, psychological and fertility history, as well as asking detailed questions about your sleeping, eating etc. She would update herself at every session and I became mindful of my health because I knew that Naava would ask me each week what I had eaten, how I was sleeping, what my period was like etc. At the outset of my treatment she told me that she would get me as healthy as she could, in order to have a well enough body and mind to successfully conceive. In fact, after about three months I did conceive and she carried on treating me for the first trimester. I also went back to her in the last few weeks of pregnancy and I had a very easy and natural birth. My daughter is now 18 months old. When I was recently trying to get pregnant again I returned to Naava and she ‘tweaked’ me and I am now pregnant again with a baby due in February.

I am reluctant to credit Naava with my successful pregnancy (hopefully now twice!) as I cannot say whether it was simply a happy coincidence that it happened whilst I was seeing her. However I am absolutely certain that seeing Naava was a major contributing factor. I came to really appreciate the importance psychologically of seeing someone who I could confide in and where I had an hour a week where I could relax and talk through my experience and my mental state. For me the benefit was firstly in reassurance from Naava that I was a fairly straightforward case, and secondly almost a therapy type experience where I felt relaxed, supported and really listened to. This differed markedly from my experience of the medical professionals whom I had seen about my miscarriages. When I am having treatment with her I feel completely reassured and confident that I am giving myself the best possible platform on which to conceive. She is totally trustworthy, experienced and professional. She works in a holistic way and is happy to give advice on almost every aspect of pregnancy and birth. In short I do not hesitate to recommend her and in fact have introduced some friends to her who have also been really happy with her treatment.

Mrs N