Your First Appointment

First of all, you can expect to feel in safe hands. I’ve been using Traditional Chinese medicine to support patients with gynaecological issues since 1999.

During your first consultation, I will take full details of your medical history as well as asking you questions about your lifestyle, stress levels and nutrition. In the language of Traditional Chinese Medicine, even the little details can make a huge difference and are of significance. So, I might also ask you quite intimate questions in order that I can ensure I’m not missing anything.

These questions may be about:

  • Urine
  • Your stool
  • Your STD history
  • Menstrual Blood
  • Family and medical history; physical, mental and emotional.

I will also ask to:

  • See your tongue
  • Take your pulse
  • Possibly see and touch/palpate your abdomen

If you have a concern about any of these things, please do let me know in advance by email or via my PA, as your emotional, physical and cultural comfort in the treatment setting is of great importance to me. Please see our Supporting Every Body Statement of Inclusivity for more information.

Please also bring any information you may have about your condition plus any investigation or blood test results you’ve had with you to your first consultation.

While we’re together I may recommend diagnostic tests, such as hormone checks at certain times of your cycle, which may help to identify any underlying cause for your gynaecological issues. I may also recommend that you see another specialist for Western medical treatments, nutritional support or emotional/psychological support.

Everyone I recommend to you is part of my trusted network of fertility support practitioners; like-minded doctors and therapists who specialise in treating fertility, obstetrics and gynaecology. All these practitioners place great emphasis on continuing professional development and training, and are registered members of their profession’s governing bodies. I do not take any kind of kickback from anyone or anything I refer you to as it is really important to me that when I do so, you know it is because I have your best interests at heart.

Based on what I find in our first meeting I will make a diagnosis and will prescribe, as appropriate, a treatment of acupuncture and herbal medicine. I will also provide you with a tailored report so you can absorb the plan we devise for our time together – and action any points – in your own time. Our treatment time will always be tailored to you and your body but, as a guideline, you can expect acupuncture once a week for the first three months then once or twice a month after that.