Training for Practitioners

I provide a range of training courses for acupuncturists and herbalists to help them develop their professional expertise and their business skills. In 2019 I launched the Fertility Support Training online platform to make my training courses available to practitioners around the world.


The Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture

After many years of trialing and refining my work, and in response to the demand for more advanced training for acupuncture practitioners in treating fertility issues, I developed an Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture in 2017. This was delivered at both the UK’s International College of Oriental Medicine and the Northern College of Acupuncture. The Diploma course was in such high demand from practitioners all over the world that in 2019 I developed an online version of the Diploma so that the knowledge and skills of the Advanced Level Diploma will be available to practitioners everywhere.

The five courses that make up the Diploma are now internationally recognised, with practitioners in the United States, Australia and New Zealand all able to earn continuing education credits by taking the courses. The courses can be purchased individually or together (with a 10% discount).

“I started Naava’s course feeling fairly confident as a fertility practitioner, but I completed it feeling like I’d reached a significant new level of practice. The depth of knowledge she instills is more than worth the investment but on top of that you complete the course with a community of practitioners with whom you can refer to for advice and knowledge, meaning the benefits from the course continue far beyond the study sessions.”


Rising Stars Mastermind Courses

Having used the “mastermind” system of peer-support to address my own challenges and develop my business, I wanted to offer a facilitated process that brings together the mastermind system with my own mentoring experience in TCM and well-proven support to improve business skills.

In 2019 I recruited the first cohort for my Rising Stars Mastermind course. Through the course of the year we’ve worked together to help each member of the group identify the unique challenges which were holding them back.  Through my facilitation and peer-support from the group, they have found new strategies to develop themselves and their practices.

I am now looking for a new cohort of up to six practitioners to join my 2020 Rising Stars Mastermind in London and I am gauging interest in offering a Skype-based version of the Mastermind, which would open participation to anyone across the world. You can see more information and apply to join the group here.


New Graduate Mastermind

For the first time I am offering a Mastermind programme for new acupuncture graduates as I am increasingly aware of the need for support for new graduates, especially in the current economic climate. This Mastermind will differ from the Rising Stars programme as it will cover both clinical and business skills. You can see more information and apply to join the group here.


One-to-One Mentoring

I also provide one-to-one mentoring for practitioners to develop their technical knowledge and business skills. Mentoring sessions are done in-person or via Skype/Zoom and can cover acupuncture, herbs, marketing or general business skills.



I have lectured on specific areas of treating fertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine in workshops around the UK and conferences around the world. Some recent highlights have included:

  • In May 2017 I was invited to address the 48th TCM World Congress in Rothenburg, Germany, where I spoke on The Diagnosis and Treatment of Habitual Miscarriage in Relation to Complex Gynaecological Disease.
  • In April 2018 I gave a pre-symposium lecture to the Integrated Fertility Symposium in Vancouver, Canada, on Recurrent Miscarriage and Reproductive Immunology: Connections between PCOS, Thyroid & Endometriosis.
  • In 2019 I taught a weekend course at Chiway Academy in Switzerland on PCOS & OHSS, and later in the year I addressed the 16th International TCM Kongress in Austria giving a full day lecture on TCM and Autoimmunity.
  • Plans for 2020 (so far) include lecturing at the annual conference of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine on 20 and 21 June in London.