Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you have your first appointment. Your booking of an appointment will indicate you have read, accepted and understood this information.


Terms of booking

72 Hour Cancellation Policy:
Unless the Practitioner is given 72 hours advance notice of cancellation of an appointment by telephone or email, the full price of the treatment will be payable. The only exception to this is if the space vacated by the late cancellation can be filled. You will not be notified if this is the case, there will simply be no invoice for the cost of the treatment.

Invoices Payable:
All invoices must be paid within 14 working days of date of invoice. If payment is not received within this time, a late payment fee of £5 will be payable. If payment is not received within 30 days of date of invoice, a further fee of £15 will be payable. All unpaid invoices will be pursued through the small claims court.

Payment Method:
Payment can be made by cash, debit card, Visa or Mastercard. Payment for each treatment must be settled at the end of each session. Until payment is received, further appointments are made at the discretion of the Practitioner.

Credit cards payments are subject to the following charges (which are imposed by the banks). All payments made with a UK Visa or Mastercard credit card are subject to an additional 2.5%. UK debit cards are not subject to a surcharge. All non-UK credit or debit cards are subject to an additional 3%. Unfortunately we are not able to accept American Express.

If your treatment is being paid for by your insurance company, then you are still required to pay for each treatment at the end of each session. A receipt will be provided for you to use to claim the cost back from your insurance company.

Treatment Cost:
Costs for consultations and treatments will depend on the time of day of your appointment. Click here to see details of treatment costs. If you are prescribed herbal medicine this will be charged in addition to the cost of consultation and treatment. In certain circumstances you may be required to provide credit card details or pay in advance to secure an appointment.


Important conditions of treatment

Eating Before a Treatment:
Please ensure that you have eaten between 1 to 2 hours before a treatment so you are not hungry when you arrive. If you are eating 1 hour before the treatment, please eat lightly as it is not good to receive a treatment on a full stomach.

Alcohol/Drug Consumption:
Drinking Alcohol or taking Recreational Drugs on the day of the treatment, particularly after the treatment, can impair its efficacy, and can sometimes cause lightheadedness or excessive lethargy. This will usually pass after a good night’s sleep. Please note that Naava Carman does not provide treatment to clients who smoke, abuse alcohol and/or recreational drugs and are unwilling to engage in a process which leads to the cessation of these behaviours.

In order to ensure the safety of treatment it is important that the Practitioner is aware of all current medication you are taking, including contraceptive, pain, nutritional, or antibiotic medications. Please either bring your medication with you to your first appointment, or make a note of the name of the medication and the dosage.

Please do not do vigorous aerobic exercise after your treatment, as this will mask the effect of the treatment, and stress your body.