Problems with Menstural Cycles

Many women suffer from discomfort or irregularity in their menstrual cycle with complaints such as:

bloating and digestive irregularities around the time of the period;
mid –cycle spotting;
extremely painful period (“dysmenorrhoea”);
very heavy periods;
very light periods (“oligomenorrhoea”);
irregular menstrual cycles;
short menstrual cycles;
significant PMS;
frequent and long periods (“polymenorrhoea”);
brown “spotting” before or after periods.

In Western medical terms the causes of these complaints can be many and various, although the standard treatment for most complaints is to offer the contraceptive pill (or injections/implants) which use hormone treatments to regulate the cycle.

From the point of view of Traditional Chinese Medicine this sort of hormone treatment is simply covering up the symptoms rather than addressing the route cause of the problem. In contrast, Traditional Chinese Medicine will seek to identify the imbalance in the body that is seen as the root cause of the symptoms. Acupuncture and herbal medicine can then be used to address the imbalance and so reduce or remove the symptoms.

When administering Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments Naava Carman works cycle-by-cycle to identify and address the root causes of imbalance in a patient’s body. In some cases Naava may recommend tests or consultations with specialists to identify or rule an underlying health issue.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complementary therapy and the Fertility Support Company does not advocate it as an alternative to Western medicine. If you are in any doubt about your health or symptoms you are experiencing you should consult your doctor. The Fertility Support Company and its practitioners do not claim to “cure” gynaecological conditions or any other ailment.