Pregnancy Support Service #1: Naava Carman (Recognised Doula and Doula Mentor Wtih Doula UK)

Naava Carman is a fully trained Birth Doula with Doula UK. She also works for Doula UK as a Mentor, shepherding newly qualified Doula’s through their period as a trainee until they are ready for qualification as a Recognised Doula.

A doula is a birth partner or post-birth partner. She can help a pregnant woman before, during and/or after the birth. She can be any age from early twenties to late sixties. However, she must be kind, caring and supportive.

Naava is an experienced Birth Doula, and attends births at venues across London. She has attended births at many hospitals in north London including UCH, Barnet General, St Mary’s, The Whittington, The Royal Free, Edgware Birthing Centre and Watford General. She is always delighted when asked to attend a home birth, and is used to working with both independent midwives and NHS midwives.

Whether in a birthing centre, consultant unit or attending a birth at home Naava is a calm presence, focused on supporting both mother and father during the labour and able to help the parents-to-be navigate any difficult situations which may arise during the course of the birth.

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