Locations and Prices

I currently have a bit of a waiting list and take on new clients from this waiting list in strict order. I have personally trained over 60 amazing practitioners around the world who I am confident can support fertility issues to a very high standard.

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Finchley Clinic

I treat from my home clinic in Finchley, a short walk from Finchley Central tube.

Please contact the office on 0345 310 5354 or via email to book your place on the waiting list or to book an appointment if you get lucky!


COVID-19 Prevention Protocols

As we continue to have the occasional rise in COVID infections and given the impact this can have on fertility treatment, I continue to operate the following protocols for all in-person clients.

  • You will be asked to fill in an online COVID-19 related symptoms questionnaire before each in-person appointment.
  • Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible to minimise the amount of time in the waiting room.
  • You must wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth at all times while in the clinic, including while receiving acupuncture.
  • You may be asked to remove your mask briefly for diagnostic purposes.
  • Please be aware that if you are late then your treatment may need to be shortened.


Booking appointments

All appointments should be made by phone to 0345 310 5354 or via email.


72 Hour Cancellation Policy

In-person and online appointments will be charged at full price unless the cancelled 72 hours (3 days) prior to the start time of the appointment. This includes clients who have paid for a package of treatments – a missed appointment (without 72 hours notice) will count as one of the treatments from your package. The cancellation charge may be waived at my discretion in exceptional circumstances. If another client is able to fill the appointment at short notice then the cancellation charge will be waived.


Initial Consultation and Report

This is required for all new clients I see, whether for acupuncture or just herbal medicine, even when referred from another practitioner. Please note that all initial consultation bookings are subject to an up-front, in-full payment as below. Further appointments are invoiced subsequent to the session and need to be settled within 24 hours of the session itself.

This includes:

  • A 90 minute online consultation to take a full medical history and discuss your fertility journey worth £375
  • A full written report from me with my initial diagnosis and treatment action plan worth £125

New patient initial consultation and report price: £500

Package of 16 weekly acupuncture treatments

From my 25 years of practice I know that we need at least 4 months and a minimum of 4 menstrual cycles to have a meaningful impact on health outcomes.

Whilst you should experience improvements quickly, the complex nature of the conditions I treat, and the fact that most of my clients are in their 40’s, means that this 4 month period is a necessary amount of time in order to allow me to investigate, test, treat and consolidate the work we do together.

Therefore, after the initial consultation and report, I ask clients to commit to a programme of 16 treatments, usually provided weekly.

After the 16 appointments, further treatments are offered on an ad-hoc basis depending on your needs. As one client finishes their work with me, the next client on my waiting list is offered a place. In this way, I can ensure that each client under my care has my total focus and commitment and my very high standard of customer service is maintained.

The 16 appointment package:

  • Includes 16 weekly face-to-face acupuncture appointments at my clinic in Finchley, which are around 1 hour long and are charged at £250 per session or a total of £4,000. You have the option of paying up-front, or paying as you go.
  • For most clients I also prescribe herbal medicine. The cost of this is NOT included in the package price, as every client’s needs are different. Herbal prescriptions are charged at £140 for a month’s supply.

Ad hoc appointments or additional appointments during the 16 week package


  • Online 15 minute consultation £62.50
  • Online 30 minute consultation: £125
  • Online 45 minute consultation £187.50
  • Online 60 minute consultation: £250
  • Acupuncture treatment: £250
  • Herbal prescription and one month’s supply of herbal medicine: £140 (requires an in-person or online consultation prior to the prescription being created)