Know Your Rights

Naava Carman runs a one hour intensive one-on-one birth preparation sessions for parents-to-be. The sessions cover choosing where to give birth, making a birth plan (which is a document that doctors and midwives must consider during labour and birth), your rights to treatment within the NHS and practical tips for dealing with midwives and doctors if things are not going according to plan.

This time with me is tailored to you, so if you are a person in a bigger body, someone suffering from past birth or sexual trauma, a person of colour or an inwardly or outwardly gender nonconforming individual then you too will be served in this session.

The choice of where to give birth is one which can impact tremendously on the health of mother/person who is carrying the baby and the baby themselves, as well as the bond between birthing mothers/people and their partners. Naava will help newly pregnant women/people and their partners make themselves aware of their options, and she particularly recommends viewing the local hospitals before making a decision.

Similarly, making a birthing plan is an essential part of labour preparation. Although nothing in labour ever goes to plan, having a guide for yourself, your partner and your healthcare professional which clearly states your wishes and preferences can ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of what steps you would like to be taken before, during or after medical intervention.

In this session Naava will also cover what to expect in the first trimester of pregnancy, explain a patient’s care options and the different scans and tests which will be suggested depending on the area in which the patient lives.

Attendees at these sessions receive a briefing pack with key facts and suggested further reading materials to help couples prepare for the birth.