Herbal Medicine

For thousands of years herbal medicine has promoted health and wellbeing with remedies using active ingredients taken from the natural world of herbs and plants.

I trained as a classical herbalist, learned about the properties of hundreds of different herbs, and studied Western medical pharmacology in order to understand interactions and keep clients safe and well.

All my herbs can be traced directly to source and I am fully compliant with UK government regulations.  For added peace of mind, my supplier is recommended by The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and I use this supplier for my clients, myself and my family. Rich in plants, twigs, barks, grasses, flowers and bulbs, my herbal preparations are guaranteed to be free of pesticides, sulphides, xeno-oestrogens and steroids.

When I make a formula, it is tailored specifically to you; so no two people will have the same prescription. I sit down quietly with your notes in front of me, and customise exactly what I feel you need. Sometimes I may prescribe one formula for a whole month; often there are different formulae for specific days or weeks. I’ll always explain why and how these preparations work. People often think of my herbs as little bottles of disgusting tasting magic!

Herbal medicine is a natural partner to acupuncture. With only one of my tools, I am working with one hand behind my back!  While acupuncture is a wonderfully fluid and flexible way of impacting issues directly, the herbs I prescribe are efficient at tackling the underlying imbalance. They support the body, giving it lots of extra Qi to work with during acupuncture treatments.


“Naava is fantastic. She got me in the best possible state for conception and it was the combination of her treatment and my healthier lifestyle that resulted in it working so successfully. Ultimately, Naava got me in working order so that the IVF would be successful. She really couldn’t have done more.”