Filling in a basal body temperature chart

These instructions are provided for patients of The Fertility Support Company who are asked to record a basal body temperature chart.
Upon waking place a mercury/fertility thermometer underneath the arm for 10 minutes if using a mercury thermometer or three minutes if using a fertility thermometer. This must be done after a minimum of three hours uninterrupted sleep and preferable at roughly the same time each morning. If on some days you are taking your temperature later (for example, on the weekend) please make a note of this on the chart. Please note if alcohol was drunk the night before or if you had a particularly restless night.

Also note on the chart the quality and consistency of cervical mucus using the first letter of the descriptive words on the left side of the chart, for example:

M = moist
W = white
St = sticky
Sl = slippery
T = transparent
D = dry
N = no secretions seen or felt
We = wet

To illustrate the elements we look for in a chart, here are three different charts from past patients.

Example of normal temperature distribution – view chart
Example of overly long follicular phase, short luteal phase – view chart
Example of inefficient ovulation, lack of progesterone, stress in follicular phase – view chart