Female Fertility and Pregnancy (Miss JMM)

I met Naava after having just suffered my second miscarriage, and was convinced that they were due to a hectic work life. This job meant a lot of overseas travel and day to day stresses which had put a lot of pressure on my body. I was looking for help to get me back into shape and to be able to carry a healthy baby full-term.

Naava encouraged me to see a miscarriage specialist whilst also recommending I give her three month programme a try. The thought of not trying to conceive after actively trying for a year was a bit daunting, but both my partner and I were committed as we didn’t want to go through another miscarriage if possible. Very quickly after charting my cycle, she was able to pinpoint times to work on me through acupuncture as well as prescribing herbs (although they don’t taste the best initially surprisingly I got used to it and actually liked them!).

Throughout the programme Naava was a fantastic support and really gave me the confidence to believe that it wouldn’t be long till I had a healthy baby. Very quickly into the 3 month programme, in fact in the first month, I found I was sleeping better, starting to get renewed energy, my cycle was regulating and I felt more in tune with my body than I ever had.

I conceived right at the end of the three month programme and Naava treated me regularly throughout my first three months of pregnancy (just after conceiving I found out I had thrombophilia which Naava also helped to treat during pregnancy) and again at key times during pregnancy. The support that Naava gave to me before, during and after my pregnancy was amazing. An unexpected complication came up right at the end of my pregnancy and I turned to Naava for advice when I felt the doctors were pushing me down a route I didn’t want to go for delivery. She put my fears to bed so that I could progress confidently in the birth of our baby girl. Our little angel was born on Christmas Day and thanks to Naava’s support before, during and after my pregnancy we’re proud parents.