Breech Birth

The potential of a breech birth can be very worrying for parents-to-be, however most mal-positioned babies move into the correct position of their own accord before labour begins. Skilled midwives are sometimes able to re-position a baby during labour, however sometimes medical intervention through a Cesarean Section or an episiotomy is required.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has acupuncture protocols that are believed to help reposition the baby to ensure a normal labour and birth. However, these protocols have not been proven in any scientific studies.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine there is an intimate connection between the Qi (energy) of the Kidneys and the Qi of the uterus. Traditional Chinese Medicine sees the Kidney Qi as responsible for the health of the reproductive system, including nourishing the growth of a foetus. Therefore, when the baby turns to breech, it is thought to result in a “Deficiency” in the Kidney Qi which has failed to feed the Qi of the uterus, leading in turn to “Deficiency” or “Stagnation” in the uterus. The majority of the pregnancy is controlled by the Yin energy of the Kidneys, but as the birth approaches the Yang energy is needed to provide the woman with enough energy to go through birth. Traditional Chinese Medicine considers that if this Yang energy fails, or is not sufficient strong, then this can affect the baby’s ability to turn itself to the correct position.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment protocols therefore stimulate the Qi of the Kidneys in order to “reconnect” it to the Qi of the uterus. In providing such a treatment Naava Carman will also seek to use acupuncture to relax the mother to bring down anxiety levels, as in Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, this can also be a factor contributing to a mal-positioned baby.

Only one treatment session is required, preferably between weeks 32-37 and optimally at week 35 or 36. During this session, for which the patient is asked to bring their partner, Naava will demonstrate how to apply a treatment called moxibustion to be used daily for the following 10 days. Naava will also provide advice and support by phone during the 10 days if required. This treatment may have to be repeated 2 times a day for up to 10 days. It can be performed by the mother or her partner after the initial session.

Moxibusion of is a way of applying a fragrant herb called moxa. The herb is applied through heating a compressed stick the size of a table candle over a specific acupuncture point. This process in Traditional Chinese Medicine terms is thought to help turn breech babies by stimulating the “Bladder channel” which in turn causes the muscles of the uterus to relax thereby allowing the baby to turn.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complementary therapy and the Fertility Support Company does not advocate it as an alternative to Western medicine. If you are in any doubt about your health or symptoms you are experiencing you should consult your doctor. The Fertility Support Company and its practitioners do not claim to “cure” a breach birth or any other ailment.