Breastfeeding Specialist

Geraldine Miskin – Independent Breastfeeding Specialist

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Geraldine Miskin is a former maternity nurse with 13 years experience working with families and newborns. She has completed the Australian Lactation course, Unicef Baby Friendly course as well as several other human lactation courses in the UK.

Under the guidance of an International Lactation Consultant, Geraldine was chose to undertake an 18 month internship, and continues to use her skills and experience to assist, educate and provide parents with emotional support and practical solutions.

Her philosophy is to promote and encourage breastfeeding and to support all parents regardless of their infant feeding choice. Geraldine runs a private practice doing practice based consultations, as well as in home consultations for all breastfeeding and baby related problems.

Breastfeeding workshops and baby care lessons ante-natally are also available and highly recommended as a solid foundation to breastfeeding and caring for you baby in the early days.

Her Workshops are held at the Birth Company in Harley Street on a regular basis. Forthcoming dates are as follows:
Sunday 10.30am – 1pm 17th December 2006
Sunday 10.30am – 1pm 28th January 2007
Sunday 10.30am – 1pm 25th February 2007
Sunday 10.30am – 1pm 25th March 2007

For further details please visit or contact her directly via email or on her contact number provided.