Naava Carman(BA(hons), BSc(hons), Member of Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Member of British Acupuncture Council) who founded The Fertility Support Company, is a highly experienced fertility, obstetric and paediatric acupuncturist and herbalist, and is also a Recognised Doula (birthing assistant) with Doula UK. She is a trained Hypnobirthing(R) teacher and trains the Hypnobirthing(r)students on the Birth Basics course which covers the physiology of normal birth. In 2007/8 she set up the first fully integrated Acupuncture/IVF Unit at Hammersmith Hospital.

Naava Carman specialises in using acupuncture as part of an innovative method of treating gynaecological and fertility problems, combining TCM, Western diagnostic techniques and Western medicine. Her Fertility Support System is designed to tackle the underlying causes of infertility and is helping men and women to enhance their chances of conception naturally and in conjunction with IVF and IUI.

Acupuncture is ideal for rebalancing hormones, inducing ovulation and preparing the body for a natural or assisted conception. It can also help a patient to manage and overcome distressing symptoms and can be used through pregnancy, working to help prevent miscarriage and treat symptoms such as morning sickness and lower back pain. Men can also be treated to help increase their sperm count and the quality of sperm produced. Her areas of speciality include the treatment of PCOS, Endometriosis and Poor Sperm Motility.

“Many of my patients have been told that they will never conceive – even with IVF or IUI – but often this is not the case. Medically, they may run out of options, but acupuncture combined with Chinese Herbal Medicine, nutrition and lifestyle changes can and does result in the impossible becoming very possible indeed.”