First of all, you can expect to feel in safe hands. I’ve been using Traditional Chinese medicine to support patients with fertility issues since 1999 and have a long and successful track record of helping my patients to conceive.

However you feel when you arrive, your needs and wishes come first. I am here to help you and answer any questions you may have.

During your first consultation, I will take full details of your medical history as well as asking you questions about your lifestyle, stress levels and nutrition. It can be very helpful for the person who will be supporting you through treatment to come along to this first meeting; they’ll be made very welcome.  Please also bring any information you may have about your condition plus any investigation or blood test results you’ve had. Finally, please note: I promise I will not put any needles in your penis or scrotum at any stage (I hear this question a lot!)

When treating symptoms connected to sperm count or quality, I will often make a referral to an independent laboratory so that your sperm can be analysed within 45 minutes of collection. This is vital for an accurate reading but, unfortunately, NHS laboratories are not always able to process samples until hours after collection.

If you have any questions at all about this first meeting, please contact me.  I understand that seeing me can be a big step and will answer any question (no matter how inconsequential you fear it may be) that helps set your mind at rest.