Pregnancy can be a wonderful time of a woman’s life – and at the same time it can be both physically and emotionally stressful. This contradiction is a tough one, as these physical discomforts can detract from the pleasure of the experience.

At The Fertility Support Company we aim to support and empower pregnant mothers and their partners throughout the course of a pregnancy. This support includes:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for pregnancy symptoms such as nausea;
  • Practical skills in preparation for childbirth through Hypnobirthing®;
  • Empowering women and their partners to know their rights and get the best service from the NHS or private medical provider; and
  • Hands-on support during labour from Naava or her team of Birth or Post Natal Doulas.

There are two places which Naava recommends for private ultrasound scanning:

Over the years, Naava has compiled an extensive Pregnancy Information Pack filled with, amongst other items, recommended reading, recommendations for birth professionals such as breastfeeding support experts and independent midwives, information about how to manage the choice of birth place, and information about tests and birthing positions. If you would like this pack to be emailed to you, please contact Naava through the website or by calling the office on 0845 310 53 54.