Through attending births as a Doula for many years Naava Carman has used Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture to support mothers in dealing with the discomforts of labour and to have the stamina to continue through the birth with the minimum of intervention. Many people find that acupuncture treatments are calming and relaxing, so a treatment between contractions supports the mother in preparing for the next contraction.

Naava has also provided acupuncture treatments to encourage the expulsion of the placenta after the baby has been delivered. If a placenta does not come out on its own then it may need to be removed surgically. The Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to encourage the expulsion of the placenta is similar to that provided to encourage the onset of labour; Naava has used this while attending labours in her capacity as a Doula.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture and herbal medicine can be used to improve the mother’s milk supply, supporting a patient through mastitis and minimise low moods and tiredness.