In 2019 I launched the Rising Stars Mastermind programme to bring together practitioners who wanted to take their business from doing OK, to bringing in lots of money, opportunities, and sustainable growth both inside and outside their client-facing practices.

Alongside building the infrastructure for growth, establishing productive daily working practices, and investing in each person’s unique skill set in order to diversify their business to bring in other revenue streams, every month I shared a new skill set or challenge to add to each practitioners knowledge base.

As each practitioners business grew, they also established close working relationships with each other as accountability partners. They leant on me outside of the face-to-face time when they needed extra support or feedback, and most importantly, they felt re-inspired by their work which allowed them to take their practices to new heights.

This isn’t always an easy process; business and personal growth go hand-in-hand, and sometimes to move forward in business means to look at ones own limitations and the inner talk which may be holding us back from success. Challenging each other in this Mastermind, and using this opportunity to rise to these challenges, is a cherished and vital part of the work we will be doing.

The 2021 Mastermind will be exclusively online, in order to facilitate contact for practitioners who aren’t able to travel, or want a more cost effective option.

So, to know whether this Mastermind is suitable for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you feel confident about your practice?

  • Do you feel lost about where to start when confronted with a complex condition?
  • Do you lack confidence in your ability to manage a patient through the ups and downs of their conditions? (Without questioning your worth as a practitioner!)
  • Do you constantly feel like you need more clients, but have no idea what to do about this in a sustainable way?
  • Most of all, do you wish you had the support of a mentor or a like-minded group of colleagues to walk you through efficient, effective and profitable practice and patient management?


“I am delighted to be a part of Naava Carman’s rising stars mastermind group as it has given me direction and focus. I felt stuck and unsure; unable to identify the key areas necessary to move forward with my business. With Naava’s experience and understanding I have been guided with the expertise needed to achieve my goals.”
– 2019 Rising Stars participant


How do you go from doing OK, to being solidly successful?

As a busy Fertility and Obstetric Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Educator and Mentor, I have heard from countless practitioners that they feel isolated, alone and long for the supportive mind of a group.

Many practitioners have expressed to me that they feel like they can get patients through the door, but don’t know what to do to get them better and keep them coming (and referring others) after that.

Others have wondered how to grow their practice without burning themselves out.

Finally, so many acupuncturists I speak to feel like they have hit a wall. They don’t feel inspired, motivated, positive and energised about their lives, so how can they communicate positivity about healing to their clients? And how can they have a busy and abundant practice without feeling these wonderful qualities?


You can either have results or excuses, and if you’re tired of excuses, then this is the place for you.


What would you get out of the Rising Stars Mastermind Group?

It’s an opportunity to meet once per month with like-minded practitioners and bring your thoughts, problems, dreams, areas of stuckness, financial worries and your client challenges.

You’ll be able to work on these issues with up to six colleagues who have your back and are on the same journey to take their lives forward and build take their practice to new heights.

The goal is financial freedom. The journey to achieve this goal is via knowing who you are, and getting clear on what you do and how you do it, so you can take inspired action that reflects the passion you have for your work.

There will be personal development work to do between meetings and regular accountability check-ins, where we keep each other on track. Ultimately you should only apply to join a mastermind group if you are motivated to commit and transform.

There will be two parts to each of the monthly sessions from 10.00am-12noon (when we break for lunch) we participate in the Mastermind portion of the day.


What is the mastermind process?

There are a number of ways of describing mastermind groups, but I like this description from The Success Alliance:

Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. Members challenge each other to set strong goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them.
Through a mastermind group process, first you create a goal, then design a plan to achieve it.

The group helps you with creative ideas and wise decisions-making. Then, as you begin to implement your plan, you bring both success stories and problems to the group. Success stories are applauded (loudly!), and problem are solved through peer brainstorming and collective, creative thinking.

The group requires commitment, confidentiality, willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Mastermind group members act as catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates and supportive colleagues. This is the essence and value of mastermind groups.



“Naava is truly one of the kindest, most inspirational, and most kick-you-in-the-butt people ever to have walked this fair ball of green and blue – true story! I’ve had my whole world rocked, not just my business, and I can safely say the same for the other LEGENDS in my group! She’s practically got us on rocket fuel (I oughtn’t speak too soon – that might be next month’s homework 😂 )”
– 2020 Rising Stars participant


What will we cover in the skills acquisition sessions?

After lunch we will have a 90 minute skills acquisition session. These sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Utilising technical and online organisation and planning tools, de-cluttering phones/computers and our minds in order to streamline our ability to be productive
  • Day and month organisation, planning and scheduling in order to continually move forward in your business
  • Creating a business map
  • Systems processes and streamlining
  • Content creation and collaboration
  • Instagram and Canva tutorials
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and fears
  • Creating online services
  • Scaling online services
  • Mapping and streamlining finances
  • Identifying loss and loss leaders
  • Managing your business progress; making hard decisions
  • Goal creation

I am always careful to leave room for interesting ideas, thoughts, suggestions and concepts to arise. In a Mastermind you need to be flexible enough to go with the flow of inspiration, whilst holding boundaries strong enough to facilitate learning and growth.


“I have worked out that in 2019/2020 I earned £15,000 more than the year before, which fits directly with the time spent doing your course.”
– 2019 Rising Stars participant


Why am I running the Rising Stars Mastermind Group?

After seeing 20 years worth of clients, and running a busy and financially successful practice whilst juggling parenthood and teaching, I am in a unique position to help you navigate through these issues. I’ve been there myself, and I know how to get you through it.

Once per month over the course of 12 months, I and up to six hand-picked practitioners will come together for four hours. I will facilitate the group, leading you through four hours focussing on each of your lives and practices. You will have accountability partners to help you keep on track between meetings, and we will set goals for ourselves which we will measure and achieve over the course of the year.

This is not a training where I give you all the answers. Rather, I will be challenging you with exercises, discussions and inspirational materials which you can take away and use to make your practice the most successful it can be.


“Naava has been a brilliant investment and a mentor who doesn’t take any BS!!!”
– 2020 Rising Stars participant


What is the cost of the Rising Stars Mastermind Group?

The cost for the programme will be £250 per session, and a 12 month commitment will be required. For practitioners wishing to pay up-front, a discount will be offered, otherwise payments can be spread over the course of the year via direct debit.


When will the mastermind take place?

I will be beginning a new Rising Stars Group in June 2021 to run for 12 months:

  • Online: we will be meeting for two hours, once per month, in a Zoom Room. All dates will be confirmed before the commencement of the Mastermind year.



“[Naava] runs amazing Masterminds for sure – best money I’ve spent on myself and my business ever. As long as you are happy to “do the work” there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!!”
– 2020 Rising Stars participant


How do register my interest in the 2020 Rising Stars Mastermind Group?

As I am only taking on six people in each group, please consider whether you meet the following criteria:

  • I have an established practice which is doing OK, but isn’t where I want it to be.
  • I would like to have more confidence in how to grow my practice.
  • I am a highly motivated and committed person.
  • I believe that investing in myself will translate into financial success.
  • I have room in my life to embrace a group of peers and utilise their skills to enhance my own life experience.


If you feel you meet this criteria, then please apply by filling in the form below. If you’d like to know more about my approach to marketing or you want to do the groundwork before joining next year’s group, then I recommend you take the time to invest in my Marketing course.

Please note that the Expert Mastermind group is only open to those who have completed at least one year of the Rising Stars Mastermind programme, or by personal invitation from Naava Carman.

If you would like any more information then please contact me.

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