Understand and treating the immune system for fertility and pregnancy

Why Reproductive Immunology?

As little as 8 years ago, I still believed that there was such a thing as unexplained infertility. But, as always, my clients are my biggest teachers.I have come to believe there are six building blocks to good fertility:

  1. Mental health
  2. Metabolic health
  3. Hormonal health
  4. Environmental health
  5. Physical health (ie do you exercise regularly)
  6. Epigenetic health

But, one was missing – Immunological health. And, it is tied up with all of the above factors, both influencing and being influenced by the immune system.I had a client who had taken care of the first six elements to the best of her ability, but yet couldn’t conceive – not even with donor egg – which is extremely unusual. She forced me to look outside the box, to consider and explore areas in which I hadn’t yet worked.

I came across Dr Alan Beer’s book ‘Is your body baby friendly‘ and went to speak to a consultant I found who worked with this information. This was transformative for my practice, for my client’s outcome (she went on to conceive two children naturally) and I began a journey down a rabbit hole from which I still haven’t quite emerged!

This module is the outcome of this journey; my deep-dive into the world of the immune system and the system effect its function has on the body.I believe that understanding the immune system gives us a lens with which you reconsider the whole body and its fertility journey, and the ability to treat it in a way that can change an outcome for your clients for the better when nothing else seems to be working.


What is actually in the module?

Each module goes through a biomedical and TCM explanation of the topic, plus:Topic 1: The Immune System

  • Interpreting immunological testing
  • Th1 vs Th2 dominance

Topic 2: Western Medicine Treatments for immunological imbalance

  • Autoimmunity and Recurrent Miscarriage
  • Western Medical testing for recurrent miscarriage

Topic 3: Pre-Eclampsia

  • Connection to recurrent miscarriage


User feedback: “I am totally absorbed”


Topic 4: Diet and Autoimmunity

  • Diet and the immune system
  • The role of Glutathione

Topic 5: Thinking Outside the Box

  • The role of fear in the treatment room
  • Classic vs my Adaptive Traditional Chinese Medicine approach

Topic 6: Thyroid Disorders and Autoimmunity

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • The role of Deiodinases.

Topic 7: Endometriosis and Reproductive Immunology

  • An exploration of the Aetiology of Endometriosis and Pain
  • Western medication for Endometriosis


User feedback: “Content is way beyond my expectations.”


Topic 8: Adjunctive Diseases

  • Chocolate Cysts
  • Asherman’s Syndrome
  • Adenomyosis

Topic 9: A brief word about Medical Mushrooms.

  • Reishi
  • Mesima
  • Cordyceps
  • Coriolus


User feedback: “I believe Naava is an invaluable resource and believe this course will make her knowledge accessible to other practitioners.”