Fertility Support Training Courses

The CPD for Acupuncturists Treating Fertility

The Fertility Support Training platform screenshotIn 2019 I launched my own online training platform to build a community of highly skilled acupuncturists treating fertility and gynaecology. The platform has been built to give the best learning experience:

  • High quality video and sound recording so you hear every word
  • Slides which keep up with the presenter so you can study at your own pace
  • Quizzes to help you learn and retain the key points
  • A range of downloadable materials which can be used in clinic for client support
  • Access to reference documents including medical studies
  • Works on all devices so you can study whenever and wherever you have an internet connection


The first courses to be made available on this new platform are the five modules that make up the Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture and they are now available as stand-alone online courses for the first time:

1. Reproductive Immunology – Understanding and treating the immune system for fertility and pregnancy:

The immune system gives us a lens through which to reconsider the whole body and its fertility journey, and the ability to treat clients in a way that can change the outcome when nothing else seems to be working. Read more…

2. Treating complex diseases of pregnancy with TCM:

How to treat complicated cases presenting in pregnancy which are poorly addressed by a lot of mainstream literature, including PUPPP/PEP, abdominal pain, thrush, cystitis and maternal toxaemia. Read more…

3. A new TCM approach to PCOS, OHSS and other hormonal issues:

How to apply my innovative new approach to using TCM to treat the toughest cases of these syndromes, alongside endometriosis, amenorrhoea, and related conditions. Read more…

4. Using TCM to support Artificial Reproductive Techniques:

Understanding and treating all aspects of ART – preparation, execution and aftermath – including discussion of epigenetics and the enduring lifestyle and psychological implications. Read more…

5. Renew and reinvigorate your practice with practical marketing techniques:

To have a thriving practice, one that is not just good, but great, we need to do “the inside work” on ourselves to identify our patterns, failures, pitfalls, self-sabotaging behaviour and where these come from. This module provides practical marketing techniques to give you personal and professional inspiration. Read more…


These are advanced level courses

The first four of the courses above have been created for experienced practitioners or those with advanced knowledge of fertility and gynaecology. I recommend that practitioners have a minimum level of five years of experience in order to get the most out of these courses. I have developed a quick quiz that will help you gauge whether these are the right courses for you.


High quality teaching on a high quality platform

Together these five courses comprise a total of 20 hours of high-definition video content, resources, handouts for use in your clinic, all delivered with a customisable split-screen system to ensure that slides always keep up with the speaker and which works on any internet-connected device.

To access these courses and to be notified about new content when it is made available you can register for free.