Professional Mentoring

I offer mentoring to other practitioners covering all aspects of treating fertility (male and female), gynaecology, ART, pregnancy and birth and am on the Register of Supervisors and Mentors for the British Acupuncture Council. If you are a member of the BAcC, you will be able to access my listing on their site by clicking this link.

I am happy to offer regular sessions to help guide you through diagnosis and treatment programmes. I can also simply have a one-off conversation with you or offer a second opinion.


How it works

I will mentor in a way that suits you. This might be face-to-face case reviews, advice over the phone or discussions via Skype.


Who is it for?

I mentor professional fertility practitioners but am particularly keen to open this up to BAcC members around the UK, or members of equivalent professional bodies worldwide who might not always be able to travel to relevant seminars which are so often held in London.


My fees

My fees are the same for an hour of my time whether I am mentoring or treating.  They are as follows:

Weekdays 9.00am-5.00pm: £145

Weekdays 8.00am, 6.00pm or 7.00pm: £220

Weekends 9.00am-5.00pm: £220


Apply for mentoring

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    What my mentees say

    Feedback from BAcC Members so far has been very positive. Here are just a couple of examples:


    “I have had two sessions with Naava over Skype and was able to go through case notes with her and discuss my current concerns and questions.

    I found it really helpful to have someone to talk to and bring a new perspective. Naava directed my questioning and helped me to go back to basics to look at the underlying issue and how best to move forward.

    I’ve still so much to learn having been qualified for only 2.5 years, and these mentoring sessions were just what I needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Naava to anyone who is looking for some guidance and direction and I know I’ll be working with her again soon.”
    – Acupuncturist, North London

    “Thank you so much for such an informative and helpful chat this morning! You have certainly given me food for thought; not just regarding this particular patient, but also in how I can conduct more thorough and meaningful consultations in the future.

    I had been slightly unsure about supervision when so much information is widely available, but you have proven beyond doubt what the benefit of it is, so I will be passing on my experiences to my regional group as well! Thank you!”

    – Acupuncturist, Cardiff


    “I have found Naava to be an excellent mentor. She has a lovely calm manner and delivers information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Naava is also very supportive and tends to guide you through a process rather than just give you information and as a visual learner I have found her style of teaching very productive.  Her depth of knowledge I find amazing, but she is still open to discussion and exchange of ideas which produces a great dynamic in the relationship. Naava has a fantastic understanding of the business side of being a practitioner and has given me great advice and support in this respect as well as sharing her experience.”

    – Acupuncturist, Newcastle


    “I have communicated with Naava for more than two years, since she became my mentor for fertility and gynaecological cases. My level of knowledge on the application of acupuncture to such cases was initially based on limited discussion within my acupuncture degree.


    “From the start it was clear that Naava was very knowledgeable on this application of acupuncture and that reflection on the development of treatments in her own practice was ongoing. She has readily shared her expertise in diagnosis and treatment, acting both as a guide and as a critical friend.  At each meeting, we systematically went through the case-notes where I was able to discuss my concerns and the treatment strategy with her. This has supported me in learning how to differentiate the patterns of disease resulting in the improvement of my skills in diagnosis. In parallel, Naava’s support has enabled me to refine the focus of treatments to better reflect the level of imbalance in the patient and enhance their progress towards recovery.


    “Naava has never made me feel lacking in preparation or the experience to treat people with fertility issues. She is a thorough, clear and patient mentor who has helped me in the development of my practice as an acupuncturist. Even though my initial contact with Naava was through Skype conversations, I always felt comfortable in communicating with her. The naturalness of this supportive relationship was eventually confirmed in person when I met her at one of her workshops.”

    Acupuncturist, Brighton.


    To book or find out more

    To book an appointment or find out more about my mentoring services you can either call my office on 0345 310 53 54 or email me directly at

    I look forward to sharing my expertise with you, enriching your experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine and guiding you towards a fulfilling career.