Fertility Support Secrets

The Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture is essential training for professional acupuncturists seeking to treat complex fertility issues.

Are you ready to join like-minded practitioners who want to:

  • Inspire their patients
  • Be inspired by learning and colleague interaction
  • Give their patients a first-class experience in their clinic
  • Feel confident in treating patients presenting with complex fertility and pregnancy related conditions?

The Diploma aims to be a transformational learning experience: click here to access this Diploma online.



An integrated approach that helps you get results for your patients

This is not your average CPD experience. You won’t complete the teaching thinking you could have taught them yourself, or that you only got a couple of useful things from the session. In fact, I expect you to gain a whole new way of approaching both everyday and complex client presentations.

Participating in the Diploma will be a game-changing experience for practitioners who have been in practice for five years or more and who want to work in an integrated manner. The approach I will teach you will enhance your current practice. It combines Western medical and TCM diagnosis in an innovative method which transforms diagnostics to help you get results with all your clients.

Click here to read about how investing in this Diploma can help refresh your outlook and your practice, and here for more information about course content.


Why have I created this Diploma?

This Diploma is the culmination of 18 years of my work as a Fertility, Gynaecology and Obstetric Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Each module has been trialled to perfection through teaching session in the UK and Europe over the last two years.

It has always been important to me to practice what I preach. I don’t ask my patients to do anything in terms of lifestyle changes that I am unwilling to do myself. Similarly, I am always looking to acquire new knowledge and skills that will help me improve the clinical and customer experience for my patients. If you join me on this Diploma then I will challenge you to do the same, and to treat the Diploma as the beginning of a continuing journey in continuous professional development (CPD) that rewards you with an enhanced skill-set and greater client numbers. The Diploma is not a one-off experience; it is a multi-module programme of development. On gaining the Diploma, you will have access to continuing CPD support through my Advanced Level Practitioners Facebook Group.

I have always felt that acupuncturists as a profession need to work together to raise our skills in order to ensure a gold-standard level of performance. This means collaboration and sharing, not competition. I asked myself, how can I bring together my professional passions and personal beliefs into an offering which exemplifies these core values? To me, this Diploma is the embodiment of all these years of thought and effort.

So, in turn, I ask you:

Do you want to learn the secrets of my practice?

  • Let me share with you how I see as many clients a week as I want to see,
  • Learn how I earn the income level I set for myself, so I still have time to spend with my family, and on recharging myself.
  • Allow me to explain how I continually invest in myself and my training, and see the benefits of this in my practice.

If you are interested in studying for the Diploma then click here. There is also more information here about what you get when you enrol on the Diploma course.