About Professional Mentoring

Over the last 18 years I have received a number of calls from fellow practitioners asking for advice on dealing with the complexities of treating pregnant patients or patients going through IVF and other Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART). I have always tried to provide advice to colleagues to help them treat their patients, but I have increasingly found that to provide the best patient care requires more active involvement and support from me.

I have therefore decided to offer mentoring to other practitioners covering all aspect of treating fertility (male and female), gynaecology, ART, pregnancy and birth (I am a Doula Mentor with Doula UK). I expect that some people will want to have regular conversations to help guide them through diagnosis and treatment programmes while others may simply want to have a conversation or get a second opinion. I am also on the Supervision Register at the British Acupuncture Council.

I am open to providing mentoring in whatever form is best for the practitioner whether that is face-to-face case reviews, advice over the phone or discussions using Skype. I’m particularly keen to open this up to BAcC members around the UK who might not always be able to travel to relevant seminars which are so often held in the south east.

I will be charging £75 per hour for mentoring advice but where possible will pro rata this rate for those that only want to have a quick conversation.

Here are some quotes from BAcC Members describing their experience of sessions with me:

“I was browsing through the BAcC forum and serendipitously found an advert for mentoring sessions on gynae and fertility with Naava. I got in touch straight away as I had one patient in particular who I had been treating but really needed some help to clarify my diagnosis and strategy as I felt I wasn’t getting the results I would have liked.

“I have had two sessions with Naava over Skype and was able to go through the case notes with her and discuss my current concerns and questions. I found it really helpful to have someone to talk to and bring a new perspective. Naava directed my questioning and helped me to go back to basics to look at the underlying issue and how best to move forward. I’ve still so much to learn having been qualified for only 2 1/2 years, and these mentoring sessions were just what I needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Naava to anyone who is looking for some guidance and direction and I know I’ll be working with her again soon.”
Stacey Chapman

“Thank you so much for such an informative and helpful chat this morning! You have certainly given me food for thought, not just regarding this particular patient, but also in how I can conduct more thorough and meaningful consultations in the future. I had been slightly unsure about supervision when so much information is widely available, but you have proven beyond doubt what the benefit of it is, so I will be passing on my experiences to my regional group as well! Thank you!”
Simone Davis

Please get in touch directly with Naava if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment. This can be done by calling the office on 0345 310 53 54 or emailing her directly: naava@fertilitysupport.co.uk.